Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Ya, I'm exhausted.

Nightwing arrived last night she is in Boston for a week long conference. I am letting her stay here, so she can afford to do the conference for less. I spent yesterday fooling around, went to Marshalls to get a few skorts. I love the shorts / skirt compo, I find it to be very comfortable to move in and even swim in.

Byron was having a bad day yesterday, his stomach was reacting to all the people treats he got on Sunday and the heat from yesterday. He ended up with explosive diarrhea! I kept trying to get him into the tub, but I just could not lift him over the tub. With Nightwing's help she got him into the tub where I grabbed the Mane and Tail and gave his butt a needed bath! Since my bathtub has horrid drainage, really not just my tub, the entire building once Byron got his bath I needed to clean the tub. Instead we went out to eat!

While we were gone Byron got up on the bed and did his stress activity, scratching like he is trying to dig. Which does not do much to the living room carpet, but rips the hell out of my nice sheets!!!! I stripped the bed this morning and went to look for the third and fourth pair of cotton sheets I own. I could only find the top sheets to both, so I said F it, and made the bed with two top sheets. Within moments of doing that I saw the fitted sheet sitting under a pile of old t-shirts. I should go do laundry, but man it's to hot to walk away from the air conditioning unit.

Bathroom is almost clean, the tub and toilet are done, I just need to clean the cat box and wipe down the sink. Still have dishes to do also. Right now I'm drinking so soda and nibbling on grapes. Just to kind of rest and re spoon myself. I almost need a nap.

Some this is up with the radio, I can't get WBUR in very clearly, I have a second signal kind of piggy backing in. So I have gone new generation and flipped to the web site and I'm streaming. As long as I don't ask to much of the computer I will not loose the stream.

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