Thursday, June 09, 2011

A four block walk - to Revere Beach

Is what separates me from Revere Beach, sigh it use to be two, but that is history now. Today is a very hot and humid 90 degrees, with thunderstorms in the forecast. I think soon too as the sky is getting quite dark. Now over on Universal Hub - Revere braces for trouble it is time for the annual Revere bashing. Today high school students are skipping school and heading toward the beaches. Now in past years those students spent less time on the beach and more time causing problems in the neighborhoods.

Each year I defend Revere, trying to get people to understand we don't have a problem with large groups of people coming to use the beach. The problem is with large groups of people who come off the T and decide to cause problems.

-- Hey massive thunder storms just beyond 128. From the time I came back from my journey 4:40pm to now, 5:00 pm the sky has turned from blue to grey and the wind has picked up I guess the entire discussion is about over.

I took a bunch of pictures, wandered about for a while. Happily Shirley Avenue is closed. There are 3 transit police at the station, and on state trooper standing at the intersection. As people come off the train, he kind of points them in the direction of the beach. Still a few stores have decided to close early.

While I was walking around I saw police talking with two people who were ticketed for not allowing pedestrians cross the street. My personal pet peeve, and one they can not enforce enough for me. One fellow was in the midst of being spoken to for parking his car half on the sidewalk and in between two parking spaces, then blasting his radio. There were police in the pavilions, where most of the people were. They did not have a mobile processing facility, nor a large bus or truck for mass arrests. A few guys with their pants pulled down were having a shoving contest, near a small child. An officer waved them out on to the sand.

It's just 5:20, the sky has gone black and I hear lots and lots of sirens, I have a feeling they are escorting people off the beach as I just saw my first bolt of lightning.    

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