Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Mom is a hoot

Went out to Hopkinton today to do laundry and visit with my Mom. It's fun to hang out with her, she makes me laugh and I love her. She needed to get some groceries so I was going to drive her to BJ's. But my car would not start. No problem driving up, no problem turning off the car, but it just would not start. I called the service station up the street and asked if they do auto jumps. The guy said he normally did not do that, but when I told him where I was he said he would be right down.

He had one of those battery packs where he just had to hook it up to the car and I just started it right up. Since I had just started my second load in the dryer we both figured it would be better for me to leave once that load was done.

Mom starting saying she was sorry that I could not stay longer and finish my laundry. I told her not to apologize because she was not responsible for my car problems. I told her I was sorry that I could not take her grocery shopping because of my car problems. She told me not to worry about that. Well we went back and forth for a while; when I started giggling and telling her that if she kept apologizing I would have to assume that she had in some way disabled my car; and was indeed responsible for the car not starting.

I'll be going back out on Saturday to celebrate her birthday. Going to take her out to lunch at a seafood buffet in Natick.

Time to google car repairs and see if I can figure out why the car did not want to start.

Go Bruins lets bring the cup home where it belongs.

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