Monday, June 20, 2011

Trying to let the four of you who read this catch up on my life.

Wow I have not posted a thing since the 16th! Wow I have been busy so catching every one up on my life is going to take a while.

Wednesday I took my laundry out to Hopkinton. My brother asked me if I needed "a hand", I said "that would be nice" and he and Mom started applauding. I should have know better, I love my family and walked right into that one. I was going to take her shopping, but my car would not start. I called the service station up the street and they came and jumped it.

I did post about the car repair already but wow, just when I thought I was getting ahead.

Saturday the 18th was busy, I got up before my  wake the heck up woman alarm clock went off.  Which is  even before my take you dam medications already stupid alarm clock.  I was excited about heading into the city and watching the Bruins parade.  The last station on the Blue line Bowdoin Station which is usually only open from 6 am to 5pm Monday through Friday was open. The station was right on the parade route and had lots of space to watch.

 We had a great spot right by the railings. But it was to much for Byron to deal with and gradually he pushed me out of the crowd.     I brought Byron with me, which was a really bad idea. The heat was not that bad, but the jerks were out in force.  I was giving him some water and someone stumbled over me and the bottle.  He was such a jerk he stomped on the bottle and kicked the plastic bowl I was using.  So there we were 45 minutes before the parade and no water for Byron.  Sadly the very few restaurants in the area were all closed so I could not find more water.  I decided to stay since the parade was going to start in less than a half hour.  Byron was not happy with the noise, or the numerous idiots around us.  When we went back to the station he ended up retching up some foam from his stomach then emptying his bowels.  So ya I realized that I should NOT have brought him to the parade.  A couple of people helped me clean it up and the MBTA workers let me go into the station and put it in the trash.  They opened the big gate where people in wheelchairs or with large strollers go through.  I got Byron cleaned up, and went to the guy at the gate asking to be let out.  He asked me if I was going to another station and I said no, I needed to go through the turnstiles and pay my fair. He told me I did not have to, and I told him I did.  He held on to Byron beyond the door and I went through the gate and took him back.  Then one of the guys went into their bathroom and got me a cup of water for Byron to sip.  And they made sure we got on the front train and that I had the Handicap chair.  

I posted my pictures on facebook and at Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Parade

When we got back to Revere,  Byron wanted to wait a minute. So I ended up chatting with the guys at Revere Beach station. who refilled the cup I had been using to give Byron water.    Note to self, Byron is no longer young enough to shrug off heat and humidity. I don't like that, but it is not going to change any time soon. 

I left him home and went out to celebrate my mom's birthday. I got her a funny card, some flowers and took her out to dinner at Minado I had left my camera attached to my computer so no pictures of her getting a special cake and holding a paper parasol. Mom tried to blow out the candle, after her third try I just filled my lungs and let loose. It blew out right away and she laughed. She asked if she could keep it and they said no. But as we walked out of the restaurant all of the staff and a few of the guests wished her a happy birthday.

Sunday was a family gathering at my Uncle's house in Framingham. I arrived at about 2:30ish. Left every thing but my phone camera and keys in the car. I flipped the seats down so if anyone looked in the car they would see nothing but seats. That and I alarmed the car. So I knew it was safe. I took lots of pictures, which are listed as family only on facebook. I wore my Boondock Saints T-shirt that says "Daddy's working" There was not as big a turn out as many people were expecting. Supplies were heavy on the beer and wine; light on the soda and water.

With very few exceptions we are all well above the legal drinking age. However I would have liked more options. Food was good, and family was well family... My uncles wife is a bit odd, she asked my Mom if she had a boyfriend yet?! We will just leave that conversation to the winds. Then she talked about all the trips she and George are taking. I said I can no longer afford to travel nor am I healthy enough. She told me my illness is all in my head and is because I am not having enough sex. Thank you Dr Ruth! Mom looked at me and said "it's to hot here on the porch, lets go join the group on the lawn". Smart woman my Mom, because I was just about ready to tip our hostess over the railing. As Mom said later, she was pretty drunk, and apparently thinks she is ever so funny. Ya NOT.

I got home about 7ish, gave Mom a call to let her know I got home safely. Went to bed pretty shortly after that I was completely out of spoons by that point. Woke up this morning feeling okay, not great, I knew I had pushed myself to hard all weekend. I had to beg off gardening with koshmom because my muscles were twitching and hurt. Then Mom called and asked me if I could come out and take her on a few errands. Sadly I was not capable of getting out of bed and had to beg off. Just called her, a neighbor was able to take her on her errands. I felt bad no being able to get out but I was just to flattened to do it.

So now every one is caught up on my life. How was your weekend???

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