Saturday, July 09, 2011

Byron is getting antsy today

Woke up just before 7am. Looked at the clock and tried to convince myself that I could go back to sleep for another hour. The wake up alarm goes off at 8:11am and the you had better take your medications alarm clock goes off at 9:31

Yes I do have a thing about alarms going off at 1...

Decided after a few minutes of tossing and turning that I should just get up. Took my medications and drank a slim fast. It is a quick and easy morning protein meets liquid and I can take my medications with it.

I was making dinner last night and really wanted to put ground pink sea salt on it. But I could not find my bottle of said sea salt. In frustration I emptied out the entire cabinet looking for my spices. It occurred to me that since I had all the spices out, I should do an inventory. This morning i started putting the spices back, only with what I hope will be better organization. My large spice bottles are on the top shelf, my sweets and teas are on the second shelf along with my extracts. The bottom shelf holds all the cooking spices. Does any one have one of those spice shelf organizers? I am kind of wondering if they are worth it to get?

Byron started acting like he wanted to go out. I grabbed his leash and opened the door. He ran down the hall way full of joy, and rolled on the carpet. He ran to the elevator door as soon as it opened. When we got out on the first floor he walked over to one of our neighbors for a head pat. I tried to get him to go out the door, but he stopped walking. It turned into a bit of a tug of war before I gave up and we came back upstairs. I think he noticed that the back porch was still wet. Or all he wanted was to do was gallop up and down the hallway for a minute.

Either way, he is now crashed out at my feet. I have the fan going to just keep the air from going stagnant. I need coffee so I will be back later.

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