Monday, July 04, 2011

How I celebrate July 4th

This is how I celebrate the 4th day of July in the city of Boston Massachusetts (okay Revere) but we share a border.

I celebrate by listening to the reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Old State House, then I go stand along the Charles River and wait for the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra to play a song written by some Russian guy to celebrate his country winning some battle against some french guy in battle we did not take part in in 1812. We were kinda busy re-fighting the British that year.

Any way this guy in Boston Arthur Fiedler thought the people of Boston might think it was cool to hear a song that had parts for both bells and cannon. Because as every one knows, fireworks need company ya I can't take credit for that line

Except that today it is really hot out and I don't feel all that great. So I will be doing all those things and more happen on television, while I sit on my couch trying to crawl into the air conditioner. Increasing green house gasses, the hole in the ozone and global warming.

Did I miss anything????

sarcasm off

Some time this week I will head into town and go visit U.S.S. Constitution The worlds oldest commissioned, active duty, warship.

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