Sunday, July 03, 2011

Watching history channel

Kind of out of it today. Byron is sitting at my feet, feeling better than he has in a while. I was thinking of going to listen to the Esplanade rehearsal concert. It was suppose to be at 1pm but has been moved to 5pm. So I'm still trying to decide. Suppose to rain from about 2pm to 5pm so depending on the weather I might stay home.

Byron is going under my legs and jumping on and off the couch.

I'm watching the History Channel they have an interesting show on right now about ship boneyards. A boneyard is a place where ships are scuttled when they are no longer useful. The story started by talking about Pearl Harbor. Of the 16 ships that were sunk during that attack, 11 of the ships were re-floated and used to fight in the war. Now they are talking about the Bone yards of San Francisco.

Tonight at 8 there is a show about pre revolutionary Boston, Boston Bloody Boston including the Boston Massacre. I am very interested in history, and super interested in Boston history it's a easy guess what I will be watching tonight.

Oh crap idiots are lighting off fire works again. Byron has gone under the bed. I had hopped that the television and a/c unit would have mad them hard to hear, and while the smaller fire crackers are easy to over look, the m80's even startle me. I have given up calling the police, they could care less about assholes lighting off fire works. Sigh I miss my old neighborhood.

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