Sunday, October 30, 2011

Had fun last night

The night started out on the wrong foot, I could not decide what of my many costumes I wanted to wear. My long stuff was to long, my short stuff to short. I settled on black pants and a black top with a long green silk shirt to go as Robyn Hood! Then I went looking for my great coat, a sweet wrap made of polar-teck fleece. I went through both closets and could not find it any where... when I got home, I discovered the coat hanging off the hook on the bathroom door. Which meant that when I was brushing my hair I could have seen it in the mirror. Weird right?

Headed out just after 8 and went to S & J's Halloween Party. They live very close to me and it took me a bit longer to find a parking space than it did to drive over. As I walked to the house I knew that she would ask me where I parked. I had a great idea walking over, I would tell her I parked on the street, because Somerville Police get upset when cars get parked on the sidewalk. Except when I got upstairs, in response to the "where did you park question" I responded "just past the hospital on Highland" Darn it, I hate it when I work up a funny line and then forget to use it. So I asked her a little bit later to ask me where I parked again, So I got to use the joke, and she laughed, but it would have been so much more funny if I had said it the first time.

I was listening to a couple of people at the party talking about the new movie that suggests someone else wrote all of William Shakespeare plays. As I listened I got more and more lost in the conversation. I looked over at my host smiled and asked if he also felt the need to go curl up in a corner and do some trigonometry. Got to see some other good friends, and lots of people I had not yet meet. People were looking at me thinking they knew me, but did not know from where. I figure I should have created a cut out of Byron to attach to my hip. You know, so people will recognize me. I might be nice, but my dog is COOL!!!

Had a chance to talk baseball with CT and just be my normal goofy self. Got home a bit after 1am, I was tired, but not quite tired enough to sleep. I had a great time and I am so glad I went.  I wish I had stopped having fun for just a minute and gone to grab my camera. Well I saw a few other people walking around with cameras so hopefully some body got pictures.

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