Saturday, November 05, 2011

My mom is a hoot - a kind and gentle hoot, but a hoot none the less

So my Mom called yesterday evening and asked me if I could take her grocery shopping today. I still had not done my laundry so I put it back into the car and headed out to Hopkinton. I had to leave Byron behind because it is hard to get three baskets of laundry AND Byron into the car.

Once I get there Mom put in the first load of laundry and then Mom warmed up some pastrami so the three of us could have lunch. Joe had a day off today and had a ton of stuff to get done. He also had to wait for the glass company to arrive and replace his front windshield. Poor kid has worked six day straight. The first place we went was BJ's. Mom had a pretty good size shopping list, me not so much. I grabbed two bags of Brussel Sprouts because they are just about my favorite vegetable. From there we went to Walmart so Mom could find some plastic totes.  Coming out of the mall I missed the turn to get back on to 495. I had to drive to the Home Depot before I could turn around. From the Walmart parking lot to 495 North a car has to drive through two lanes of traffic and directly into a sharp left turn.

I had a few things I wanted to get that I could not get at either store. So my Mom said she did not need anything there but if I needed to go we could go.  It was like redoing "Who's on First" but with food. We got back to the house and unloaded every thing. Joe's car windshield had been replaced by the time we got back and he had enjoyed a mid day nap. Once every thing got put away Mom had started making dinner. Doing laundry at her house is extra complicated. Her machines have crazy computer activated bells and whistles. The the machines begin to take over I hope the washing machine has a soft spot for Mom.

After dinner she turned on her favorite show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition. This two hour episode was about a soldier suffering from PSTD.He had been living in a treatment center for over a year because his house was to stressful. He lived a few homes away from a major rail line, and two miles from a gravel pit.  So the train would rumble by, or the ground would shake from the explosions, and he would just crumble. With the help of the amazing Glenn Close (who worked hard to stay out of camera range so she would not become the story)

The family had sold the origional house and was trying to find some place to live where all 4 of them could live together. The house was amazing, and showing how so many neighbors got together to help caused some dust to float into my eye.  The had to keep the crowd quiet, since screaming and yelling cause him to have attacks. He also gets nervous in large crowds, so the crew had the neighbors stand quietly and members of his own National Guard troop stood behind hime as the bus rolled away.

I missed the next few minutes because there was more dust in my eye. Mom and I got to talking about how the father had a service dog to help him get better. She was saddened that war had damaged him so badly that he might never be able to be a part of his sons lives. That lead to a discussion about invisible illness, like him and mine.

I had to stay to the end of the show just to see all the wonderful things that had been done. It was amazing from flat plot of land to one story open house plan

Well it's time for me to go to bed. Hope everyone had a nice day.

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