Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It has been a quiet day today. Brought Byron to the Vets office so he could get the stitches out of his ear. His ear looks flat, because it has been bandaged for the last two weeks. He has been, much to my surprise, been leaving the ear alone. I was worried that he would be scratching. I am going to have to work a bit harder to keep his ears clean. I am good at getting stuff out of his ears, but not deep into his inner ear. He is no longer taking his antibiotics, so with any luck the massive deadly farts will go away soon. I was going to stop at the storage unit on my way home and pick up my art canvases. I brought every thing but the canvases home on Monday. I have all the other paper, just not the canvases. Silly me, I guess I will run over there tomorrow. I have been putting stuff off all week. I have to put in the new anchor bolts for the clothing rack, Go through another bunch of cloths and see what I can toss. And, do some drawing, reading, writing, and blogging. Instead I have spent the day watching TV and vegging out.

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