Friday, October 21, 2011

This is not a Barbie "DOLL"

Just watching the evening news and they had a story on the new collectors Barbie doll. The reported did a person on the street interview showing people a picture of the doll and asking if they would allow their children to play with it. The answer for the most part was no, which makes sense, since this doll is not a children's toy. Tokidoki Barbie She is a limited edition, already sold out Gold Label doll. There were only 7400 dolls made! That is it, for the entire world, only seven thousand four hundred people have this doll. Trust me, non of them will be playing with this doll. I doubt more than 100 of these dolls will even be taken out of the box. At least they do mention the doll is a limited edition, at the end of the piece.

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